Thursday, May 22, 2008

Every Day a Bad Hair Day

Okay, maybe I'm not as bad off as this guy, but seriously, I am having serious problemas with my hair lately. It's not that I don't like my cut or anything (although I could use a new one)... it's more just how my hair reacts to different products. Unlike you thick haired women, I have to wash my hair each day or it gets greasy and yucky. The problem that is now going on, is that even when I do wash my hair, it still looks greasy. The villian... my shampoo and conditioner. I can almost feel a waxy residue on my hair, and seriously right after my hair dries, I look like I haven't showered for days. In the last 6 months I have used Herbal Essence and Garnier Fructose, and they both leaving my hair smelling like a flower but looking like an ugly weed. What products to you all swear by? Should I switch to an organic shampoo? Should I switch to a fancy salon brand? I am a desperate woman, and I will try anything!


Amanda Nemelka said...

I have heard that salon products are better because the ingredients don't strip the natural oil which then causes it to produce more! I have always had really greasy hair-despite it being thick and have to wash it everyday as well. I actually use generic pantene from walmart. It works well. Also...remember to ONLY put conditioner on the hair below your neckline. Otherwise conditioner on the top of your head makes it look stringy too!

The Growing Hennans said...

Try a hot oil treatment. As I recall, they are relatively inexpensive and are easy to use. You will be able to go back to the same old shampoos and stuff you used before, at least I was able to. I have to do it once about every 6 months or so. V05 has one that you just put in a cup of hot water in your shower and I have used that one before. Worth a try!

K Harker said...

we went to Mc-Y-D's today and an old man sat next to us with a "rug" similar to that one, it was hideous! So when I looked at your blog post I laughed!
As far as what I use, well it's nothing special, but I try to switch it up between a few. Dove, Garnier, and Panteen. I hear it's good for your hair to switch products so it doesn't get the build up from one.
I don't use the salon stuff because I can't afford it but I know people that do and I hear for people with thin hair it does wonders, maybe give it a try.
Actually at my inlaws she had some Paul Mitchell stuff and I used it for a week and I was tempted to buy some since my hair seemed extra pretty and soft that week.
Good luck Kara!

The Bell Family said...

Hi Kara, this is Sian, Emma's younger sister. I might be able to help you out with your problem. I'm a hairdresser and I only use Paul Mitchell products. To help with the greasyness I recommend Shampoo 1, it helps purify the hair, if you want some body go for the extra body. All of the shampoo's though are really good. Go to a place in the mall that sells hair products and ask them questions, usually they can be really helpfull. Good Luck.

adrienne said...

Oh, Kara, I have the EXACT same problem!! I totally have fine, limp hair that I HAVE to wash everyday!! In the past I have used salon stuff and I do find that it makes a big difference. Right now I'm using some stuff from Bath and Body Works that seems to be really good, but I'm not sure if they make it anymore. I bought it on sale and stocked up, so I think they were trying to get rid of it. I can't afford salon stuff right now, but I find it to be worth it. The only product I totally swear by is BIg Sexy Hair Root Pump. It works so well for volume and doesn't weigh hair down, but I don't know if you're looking for a mousse type product or just shampoo. I really understand your plight!! I'm just grateful that my kids have Denver's hair! They are truly blessed!!!

juliette said...

Aveda is the only one for me. Don't look at my hair right now for confirmation because I have a bad haircut and I'm out of Aveda products.

juliette said...

p.s. Have you seen the big beehive lady around town? Always good for a cheap thrill.

Those crazy Lewis' said...

I swear by the pureology antifade complex. It works wonders on my hair and as an added bonus it is 100% vegan so it makes me feel like I'm giving back---he he.

Elisa said...

I don't use salon products...I use panteen. I try not to condition my hair everyday and when I do condition it, I just do the tips. But I have the same greasy problem as you. I have found that in can get a great (cheap) haircut here in Peru...where as there one was harder to come by (good and cheap that is).

ktjane said...

i have the exact opposite problem you do. lots of hair & very dry. but! i've been using organic shampoo & conditioner lately & it's been absolutely awful for me. i think i've tried every different brand there is. so! maybe if you try those they could work just right for you! i think nature's gate dried my hair out the most, so i'd recommend that one first :)

Kara's Blog said...

I do only put conditioner below my neckline, and sometimes not at all, and I am still nasty. Pantene is on my list.
I've never heard of these hot oil treatments..but that sounds like a good thing to do before I switch.
It is always awkward when you see a man with hair problemas, because you want to not look, but curiosity gets the best of me and I can't help but make quick glances.
I didn't know that you are a hair dresser. That is very cool. If I end up doing professional, I will go with Paul Mitchell. Thanks!
Big and Sexy Root Pump.. If all I have to do is pay $10 for big and sexy hair, I will do it. If only they had spray called "Small and Sexy Thighs."
I have seen the beehive lady around. Free to be you and me. You go beehive lady.
I will check out your recommendation. Vegan is a plus.. so many products have way to much crap in them.
I love cheap haircuts outside of the US. Maybe I will come to Peru and get one.
I think that I may actually try your product. Seriously, if it has dried your hair out, I need it. Then if it dries it too much, I can deal with that problem next.. but I would take dry over greasy at this point.

Elisa said...

My Home Ec teacher in high school (CHS) sported a beehive. I imagine she has had it ever since it became a hairstyle. I bet she is the same beehive lady you all have seen bee-booping around town; there CAN'T be more than one!!!!!