Friday, May 30, 2008

My Favorite Things

Since I don't have anything exciting to blog about, I thought that I would make a few recommendations on my favorite kid things. When Sofia was a baby, I wasn't really that picky about baby gear, because I just used hand me downs mainly. Now with Gabe, I have more of an opinion on what things work better for our lifestyle, and here are two of my favorite favorite baby things:
The Baby Ergo: I love love love this baby carrier. You can wear your baby/toddler in the front, on your hip, or on your back. I like the Baby Bjorn for the first few months, and after that, my kids are way too heavy and it kills my back. The other day Sofia wanted to get in the carrier on my back while I made dinner, and I felt nothing. With a second child... this carrier has been a must, because I am able to cook dinner with Gabe on my back or help Sofia at the same time as carrying him. I think that the Ergo cost about $90, but it is worth every penny.

Phil and Ted's Double Stroller: I used my friend's Phil and Teds when I was watching her son so I could take Sofia and Kian on a walk, and I fell in love (if it is possible to fall love with a stroller). I love that I have the option of having it be a single or double stroller, and when it is double, it doesn't take up extra space that a side by side double does. This stroller is pretty spendy, but I was able to find it used off of Portland's Craigslist.
What is your baby/kid gear that you love??


breanna said...

kara- we're so cool! i LOVE my phil and teds stroller too! i got it when elijah was a few months old (it was on backorder for months) and it's lime green! absoultuely the must have item!

Margaret said...

I've heard that phil and ted stroller is pretty cool. I'll have to check it out. From the picture it looks like your legs would hit it when you that the case or am I just weird? Be honest...

adrienne said...

Question about the phil and ted stroller... Does Gabe get frustrated by not being able to see? That's why I never looked at those ones for long. Isn't it nice to love things like that? I LOVE my double stroller, too. I did lots of research and tried out all different kinds and figured what things I liked best. Mine is a side by side, but it is really easy to fit in doorways and it turns on a dime, so those were the 2 things I was looking for if I got a side by side. I say that there is no such thing as a perfect stroller, so it's really nice to have one you love!

Karli said...

Miss Kara Olsen! Uh, I mean Becerra... I was randomly searching through some blogrolls and stumbled across yours. I can't tell you how many times I have thought of you over the past couple years and wondered what the heck you were up to! Your kids are GORGEOUS! How old are they? I have a girl (turns 3 in a week) and a boy (turns 6 months in a week) too! We're in the Portland area, so it sounds like you're close! We should totally get together sometime. Lots of love! Karli (Bryan) Winters

Kara's Blog said...

The lime is much cooler than the lime,but I obviously couldn't choose since it was used.
Your leg don't hit it, but I can see how it would look like it from the picture. Go test one out. This bad boy rides like a mustang :)
Which stroller do you like? Gabe doesn't mind being on the bottom at all. I guess he is used to seeing things from a low angle :)
Oh my gosh... so good to hear from you. We have to get together sometime!!! I can't wait to read up on your family!

Shahnaz said...

My favorite kid gear is definitely my Ergo!! Besides being able to wear Quincy comfortably in it for long periods of time, it still works for Owen at 3. Another piece of kid gear that I like is an air mattress that we use as a travel bed instead of taking a pack-n-play everywhere we go. We got it from One Step Ahead, and we've had it since Owen was 1. It's awesome. It comes with its own pump, and it has round rails that inflate on the side. It fits inside a suitcase, so it's much easier to lug around than a pack-n-play, and actually it's much more comfy to sleep on.

adrienne said...

Our stroller is babyplanet brand.

We really lucked out, because I bought it last year when it was first released, so there weren't any consumer reviews, but it had won some awards and had great industry reviews. I had tried out enough double strollers that I knew I wanted a side by side, but I didn't want a big bulky jogging stroller. I absolutely love it. There are a few things I'd change, but it is so easy and comfortable to use and it's still pretty durable and rugged.
I think Thatcher would go crazy if he wasn't able to sit next to Macartney and to see everything going on, but I think that's because it's what he's used to.