Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Update on the Chillins

Okay, finally pictures for you all. Here are things that the kids are up to lately.
Gabe- Gabe is crazy. He has been crawling for over a month now, and as you can see, he has mastered climbing the stairs as well. He climbs onto everything and stands... and then inevitably, loses his balance and cries. He is such an active boy but he is so good natured and will smile at anyone. I take him with me when I teach a Live and Learn with Your Baby class, and he spends most of his time crawling around socializing with the other moms and babies. I produce very social children....which is so weird since I am such an introvert :). Yeah right.
Sofia-Sofia's imagination is starting to really take off. She loves to sit in a chair and pretend that she is a librarian doing story time for the children (me). She always starts off by saying, "Hello everyone. Welcome to story time." She is also obsessed with Diego. You may have noticed Diego on her bum in the video, but you may be interested to know that he also hangs out at our house. Yes, as we were just making flubber together, she informed me that he was there helping her stir, and he went home for a little while, but he will be back later to help again. I guess that Diego would be a cool imaginary friend to have. Potty training has been funky. If she is bare bum at home, she will always go in the toilet and if I remind her to go in public she will usually pee, but poop is a different story. She will poop in the toilet if she is bare bum at home, but she doesn't remember to/or want to in public or if she has underwear on at home. I need advice. I feel like I want to consistently try in underwear for awhile and see if she will change her pooping ways, but I don't want to push her too hard and have her use her bowel movements as a power struggle. Help!!


Anita said...

oh my oh my I can't believe gabe is climbing stairs!!! We miss you guys! You should come visit us:-) hehe I have just have to say that sofia really looks like me in that picture with the bow in her hair:-)

Elisa said...

KARA!!!!! You two have the most beautiful children. You are so blessed. Miss you, deary.

Cami said...

Love the pictures and video. Ah the potty training.

Cami said...

Sorry I forgot to add the rest of my comment. Does Sophia have certain things she does before she needs to poop or is it at the same time every day? I have one who always stand at the train table and looks at me like he is doing something he shouldn't. Another liked to find a quite place to be alone. I would have to watch for these different signs. Also if I knew that one always pooped after breakfast. I would watch them to see when the time would come and suggest we go to the bathroom. i don't know if this is helpful.

Sharon said...

Oh my gosh, I miss those kiddos so much I can't stand it! I agree with Sofia, "Gabe, you're amazing!"

Also, as soon as I saw that picture of Sofia with the bow I remembered a picture of Anita with the same expression. They look like twins!

Julie said...

Well it's about time! Your kids are getting so big! I've never seen Sofia with a bow. It looks so cute. Gabe is so big too! When are you coming in June? We'll have to get together.

Jaime said...

I love love love the pictures! Sofia looks stunning in her big girl bow.Yea, when are you comming in June exactly? We will have to go to the new park by Moore park, it is really fun!
And yes,Connor we need to potty train together. I don't know if this helps, but nothing made Ellie want to potty train more than a potty chart with stickers! she is the kinda girl that likes to visually see her acomplishments!
And you don't even nessisarily (I can't spell) need a reward, filling up the chart with stickers was fun enough for her. She did get to pick out which sticker, and that was so fun for her.
Connor on the other hand wants nothing to do with stickers, (he has always had a random fear of stickers) so we have a jar of potty and poo poo treats in the bathroom. Works great for him.

Kara's Blog said...

Hmm... when will be passing through Rexburg Idaho?? We'll have to figure something out.
I need to see more pictures of your beautiful girl!!
Those are good tips. Her Bm's used to be more regular, but not so much anymore. I think that I need to lay off her a little, because even though I try to stay really positive, I thinking that she is sensing a tense energy when I am changing poopy clothes even though I try not to.
We can't wait to party with you. I would like to see this picture that you speak of.
Jaime and Julie,
We are coming down when school is out.. details to come. Sofia looks cute in the bow, but I like that it is functional and keeps her hair out of her face. I am still opposed to those bows that people karo syrup to their baby's heads who don't have hair.

Elisa said...

Okay, I think your mother-in-law said the picture of Sofia with the bow in her hair looks like your sister-in-law. Well, I have to say that when I saw that picture I thought that it was a total Kara expression! You do make that face dear friend!!! Miss you.