Thursday, May 8, 2008

One Hit Wonder

6 years I have been married to this boy of mine. Even though neither of us would claim to be perfect, it is amazing how I love this guy more each year. It is cool how every year I "get" him a little more, and he "gets" me. Even after 6 years, we still don't always understand each other as much as we would like.. but that is why it is good that we have an eternity to work on loving each other better. This song was written for my homeboy back in our dating days as a valentine's day gift. Have I ever written another song? No (unless you count all of the songs I make up and sing to the kiddos). I thought that I should document this song in History. I love you Chris!! (Oh and the song that pops up with the blog was one of our wedding songs).


Sharon said...

and . . .the next "American Idol!"

Margaret said...

Kara..I remember this song. And you have written another song, or co-written I should say. The song you and Adrienne wrote for me....remember? You are at the least a two-hit wonder.
And Everyday by DMB totally reminds me of you.
Congrats to you and Chris.

The Growing Hennans said...


Tonya said...

Kara--you totally rock!

Chris said...

Kara I wuv you!

adrienne said...

AWWWW! I enjoyed listening to that!! And I also remember, as Margaret mentioned, our lovely farewell song! Next time we get together, we'll work on some more!! Ha, ha!

Kara's Blog said...

I only have a few years left before my chance is up... so it may not happen (oh yeah.. and the fact that I don't sing good enough may stop me too :)... but thanks for believing in me.

I totally forgot. I might as well start making a CD with two songs under my wings. That doesn't even count all of the songs I changed the words to. "1, don't want to be with you.... 2..."
No, your video work is what rocked :)

I love you too
Let's start a band. Let's say Canadian Feist meets American Dixie Chicks :)

Dani said...

What in the world?! Where did this hidden talent come from? Why have we never sung together? And why aren't you writing more songs? That was great!

Steve & Sarabeth said...

Okay, I just left a comment or another post...I promise I'm not weirdly obsessed with you or anything. But this totally makes me miss you! You make me laugh and smile so easily! Move to Tacoma, pretty please?