Saturday, June 21, 2008

"We are Family.... I've got all my sisters and me" (and you too Scott)

It has been a week of family fun. Last week Heather came up from Eugene with her kiddos to hang out. We picked strawberries and had good ol' fashioned fun. I didn't get to grow up around most of my cousins, so I love cousin time. It is so precious, and Sofia and Devin are especially playing well these days.

My padres were then in town a few days later. My dad is a brave man. He took Sofia to Otter Beach all by himself, and they went down the big water slide 10 times. My parents are both so great about helping out with the kids when they are here, so I can relax a little (I even slept in until 8:00 one morning p.s. I don't think that in my past life I ever imagined being excited about sleeping in until 8:00)
After my padres hit the road to go visit the Eugene crowd it was Carlos and Sharon's turn to come and visit. Sharon and Carlos accompanied us to Eugene for my sister Kris' housewarming party where there is always guaranteed to be good improv music and fun. Yeah for family!!! You can come and sleep on our couches(which are surprisingly comfortable I hear) and old futon any time!!

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