Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yet another Chillins update

Sofia Sky-Oh this girl kills me. The thing she has been doing lately that just melts my heart is when she out of nowhere says "I love you so much." It makes all of the countless minutes she spends begging me to watch Caillou not seem so bad.
*Today she drew her first "human" equipped with eyes, a nose, a mouth, and 2 legs.
*She is such a little mother to Gabe. Gabe was sick today, and Sofia came up to him and stroked his back for a few minutes saying "Sh sh sh." It was so sweet.
*Potty training smotty training. Sofia is a great pee-er.. but she is not getting the poop concept yet. My new potty training approach: encourage her to pee still since she has already shown interest and lay off the poop. So far I have not found a "motivation" that works well for her, and it seems like it may work better if she is motivated by her own will??? (notice the question marks... I have no idea of what I am doing).
*Sofia has been the happiest child alive with her family around this last week. It almost makes me want to live in K-falls... almost.

Gabe-aka "el oso" and "hercules" My sweet boy. My good natured boy. He is becoming just one of the kids. When we went to a play group this week, he just crawled around following the kids wherever they went, doing his best to participate in whatever they were doing.
*This boy is now cruising on furniture. He is wearing me out, but he seems proud of himself!
*He has been sick today with a high fever (I felt his first teeth coming in on the bottom). There is nothing worse as a mom than having a sick kid and not knowing what to do to comfort them and make them feel better.


Steve & Sarabeth said...

In the top picture, Sofia looks exactly like Shirley Temple!

Sharon said...

and exactly like Anita Becerra!