Thursday, August 28, 2008

Listening Pleasure for the whole family.

I love good music.Boy oh boy do I love good music. With that said, I must say that most kids music is annoying. Yes, it brings a smile to my face when I hear Sofia sing "Elmo, you can drive my car," but my head starts ringing after the 100th time. That is why with great pleasure, I bring you some of my top pick for kids' music. Seriously... satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Baby Loves Jazz-This CD is awesome. You will find yourself being laughed at at the stoplight when you are grooving and singing like Aretha Franklin to the "Paw Paw Patch." This CD takes great songs and adds a jazzy twist. This is one of the best kid cds out there.

Curious George Soundtrack-Jack Johnson is so cool. You will feel like a rockstar mom when your kid busts out singing "It's always more fun to share with everyone." The 3R's is also the coolest and catchiest song. No annoying songs here. Every song is awesome.

Elizabeth Mitchell-When you and your kids are ready to wind down, pop in the every so folky and fabulous Elizabeth Mitchell. Songs I love are "Peace like a river," and "Who's my pretty baby."
Listen to these tunes and tell me what you think. Share your ideas as well!


Anita said...

Kara I actually leave your kids playlist going on your blog while I clean or cook sometimes:-) So I approve of these artists! Do you know some good spanish CD's for kids, I want to start learning songs to sing for future little Warnicks.

Margaret said...

Since I trust you so implicitly I need to get copies of all these CD's pronto.
Where did you buy them? I was going to itunes them, but what do you think?

Kara's Blog said...

Dan Zanes just did a really cute spanish cd. He is another really good kid artist.
Yes, go to itunes. I usually don't buy the whole cd... usually just the songs that I like.
With the You are my Sunshine Cd, you should buy all of it. You also need the Peace like a river song and Who's my pretty baby.
With the Baby loves jazz, I would just download certain songs in this order of importance: Paw paw patch, I've been working on the railroad, The wheels on the bus, and the ABC Song.
You should also buy the whole Curious George Soundtrack. It is all so good!!
Oh, and more good kid singers are: Dan Zanes and Sofia loves Laurie Berkner (My Engergy and "I'm gonna catch you" are her favorite songs"
To be quite honest, occasionally I have gotten cds from the library and had a dirty habit of burning the songs I like, but I wouldn't recommend it :)

Jeff or Amanda Nemelka said...

Ok...we seriously need to chat soon. It's been way too long! Call me when you can. :)


Shawnde said...

Frances England is one of my new favorites. ( Her music is sweet and fun.

Sandy said...

Hi Kara, Sharon shared your site with me and I've loved looking at all the pictures of you guys and your kids. They are so precious. I'm going to send your site on to Kristi and some of other kids. Keep in touch. You can find us at From there you'll find all the kids' sites.

Kara's Blog said...

I miss you!
Hello friend. Thanks for the recommendation. I tried downloading her mp3s from the site, but I can't get them to work. Maybe I will check Itunes.
Hello lady!! So good to hear from you. Kristi actually found my blog awhile ago, and I love love seeing her updates. I am so excited that I will be up to date on your family!

Karli said...

Thanks for this Kara! I need some new kiddo music. My very favorite kid's artist of all times (I had his music when I was growing up) is Joe Scruggs. His music is entertaining for the kiddos, and totally hilarious for the parents. He's at When we get together (sometime soon?!) I'll bring some for you to hear!

Kara's Blog said...

I would love to hear your music, and I would love to see you. We should meet at the children's museum or Omsi sometime!

breanna said...

i agree with you on the jack johnson cd...we actually had to buy the movie becuase renee loved the music so much. she calls the movie "jack johnson" instead of "curious george!"