Saturday, September 20, 2008

Come on.... it's funny

Even if you are going to vote for McCain/Palin... come on, this is funny. Tina Fey is so dead on with her impersonation, it is crazy! I really don't have the energy to start political discussion again, but the thought of Sarah Palin being the next president (McCain has had cancer), is enough for me not to vote for him. Enjoy the video.


Elizabeth said...

Oh I love this skit. It's hilarious. One of the first things I thought when McCain selected Palin was how frustrated Hilary must feel! Definetly blog worthy and a personal SNL favorite (right next to the Mom Jeans skit).

Shahnaz said...

I LOVE this skit! It's hilarious!! Thanks for posting it where I can see it whenever I want!

Margaret said...

When I saw this I was dying. It is so funny. Tina Fey is perfect and Amy is so funny too.
By the way, I love the family pictures all really beautiful.
Also, I was in Salem this weekend, for a total of 24 hours, but I had no clue how close to Corvallis that is until I was leaving. Sorry.
And I can't imagine why you don't want to start the political debate again. :)

Kara's Blog said...

I haven't seen the mom pants one. I am going to have to watch that tonight.
I am glad I can make it more convenient for you to watch it over and over again.
Don't say it's true that you were only 40 minutes from me. You'd better call me next time, even if you are here for 24 minutes :). Yes, nothing more heart warming than a political debate. Especially when no one agrees with you :).

Shahnaz said...

I should have chimed in on your political debate. The truth is, I was getting so upset that I thought I might write something disrespectful, so I had to keep my blogging mouth shut in order to not offend.
Ciao bella,

EmmaJ said...

I loved the skit! We never are up that late, but between Michael Phelps and the possibility of Tina Fey playing I had to stay up!