Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"I like to ride my bicycle, I like to ride my bike."

I got a new bike last month, and I love love it. Chris calls it my grandma bike, but don't mind him, because it is an awesome cruiser. You know that old saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans?" Well, here in Corvallis people ride bikes, so we thought that we should as well. We have been riding to church, parks, and we just got home from riding to the swimming pool. Our bike trailer is an old old uncomfortable Burley, so maybe someday we will upgrade, but it is working for now. I was really scared riding in traffic at first as that wasn't something I did growing up, but I am slowly gaining more confidence. If anyone ever comes and visits... bring your bike!!


Julie said...

I always want to ride bikes more but it's so hilly where we live that pushing a stroller around is almost too hard. By the way, I have that dress too and LOVE IT!

Elisa Street de Masias said...

Could Corvallis get any closer to a utopia?

Tonya said...

Thanks a lot, Kara...I have that song in my head now!!!

Margaret said...

I love that bike. It's got personality. And you look darling of course.

Kara's Blog said...

You do live up a steep hill, and it snows in Klamath. Don't you love Downeast?? They have some cute stuff, and it is oh so affordable.
I wish for you to come back one day to enjoy Corvallis with me.
It brings me great joy to imagine you belting that song out, so I can not apologize for getting it stuck in your head :).
Thanks. Hey, I heard Renton in the news and thought of you. There was a bear in someone's yard or something?

Anita said...

You always make us laugh!!! I love that picture. Mark's response, " that picture explains Sofia". Mark and I are still watching that warrior video and cracking up... I have the cutest nieces and nephews in the world!

Jeff or Amanda Nemelka said...

why would I BRING a bike when I can try out YOUR sweet ride??? Just kidding. Oooh la la on the dress too!


Cami said...

We are a biking family to. My kids love it. Graham is not such a fan of the bike trailer because his helmet gets pushed forward over his eyes. Hopefully we still have some nice weather for a litle while longer.

Robyn said...

A "Grandma bike" IS the name of that style in Holland -- Oma Fiets. They're lovely!

Kara's Blog said...

I am glad you love my kids :). You are a great Auntie. I fear Sofia has no chance of being cool with me as her mom :).
I would love for you to try out my sweet ride!! When do you want to do it? Beach house next summer. Oh, and everyone, I actually copied Amanda and bought that dress after I saw that she got it.
You live right next to the Willamette bike path. That would be so great with kids!!
Chris was right I guess, although he didn't mean it as a compliment. Let's get you an Oma Fiets too :).

Amanda Nemelka said...

we should totally wear our matching dresses and go bike-riding together. oh...and we both have to get our hair cut at the same time too. I can just picture it and it gives me a good chuckle. I told Jeff about the beach house idea and I seriously haven't seen him that excited in a very long time! Let's plan on it! I'm thinking July sometime? Is 10 months too early to plan?

EmmaJ said...

Down here EVERYONE rides a cruiser... even young guys.