Thursday, September 18, 2008

Family Pictures 2

Here is the second round. Tell me which ones are "framers." I am feeling very stressed about finding the right frames and making a nice arrangement of pictures, because I have no idea of how to do it!


Niki said...

Kara your little family is sooo darn cute. It makes me realize that we need to get real family pictures taken so that we too may look like we can be cute every once in awhile, istead of the stragely family I believe we look like.

Kelda said...

your family is so amazingly beautiful!!! in the one with the fam walking away, i think chris walks like his dad. i love that the pics frame the family that you are. frame them all!

juliette said...

There are some good ones! We should have framing day; I've got some photos to phrame too (although not anywhere as cute, but that's genetics.) I also have some light wood multi-opening frames piled up in the garage, which I got cheap at a yard sale, you're welcome to them since they're doing very little good in the garage. The holes seem to be all the wrong sizes.

Kara's Blog said...

Thanks Nicko. You are a cute family... superbly cute.

Chris does walk like his dad. Maybe I will frame them all Kelda. Thanks.
You have lovely genetics my dear. Let's have a framing day!!

EmmaJ said...

I really like these pictures, but especially the last picture in this group. You have such a cute family and are so lucky to be able to get nice family pictures taken so often