Thursday, November 27, 2008

Baby Steps

Right now it is 9:30 on Thursday night, and I am proud of myself. This is the first night I have begun the weaning process from Grey's Anatomy. I been a lover and defender of Grey's Anatomy for a long time, but it is just getting ridiculous. Come on Izzie, you are doing what with your ghost boyfriend? I have to draw the line somewhere to the trashiness, although I don't want to because I am addicted. No offense to anyone else who loves the show, because I do/did too.... I just want to try to fill my time with more worthwhile things... like blogging Haa.. :). (p.s. I know that my blog is getting lame without pictures, but my camera is broken and I need to send it off to get fixed).


Mark said...

It's about time you come back to light! Remember when I tried to help you see that when Anita and I got together.... We are in the same boat, we stopped watching the Office.....we still watch it every now and then....It is really funny, but we can do better.

Amanda Nemelka said...

I agree with you in theory. But I just can't get off of it. I just can't believe you will give up Grey's over America's Next Top Model. I just CAN'T stand Tyra Banks. Way to go though for trying to do better!

Kara said...

I remember you tried to bring me back to the light, but when I walked in on a sketchy scene in lost, I also tried to bring you to the light. I still do like the office.... it would be much harder for me to give that one up.
Maybe we can talk on the phone during Greys to district each other. I can't stand Tyra either.... she is so so annoying. Luckily this season is over so I can wean myself from that too. If you decide to keep watching Greys, maybe you could give me Cliff Notes on it so I can at least follow what happens with the characters :).

Pack Perhe said...

When it comes to TV I suggest cold turkey and a plan. Whenever I erroneously think I might want to watch a little bit of nonsense (which of course I sometimes do), I think of something productive I need to do, read a great book, organize or clean. I know I'm a bit crazy, but a clean house helps me feel like I accomplished something! Good for you on Grey's!