Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Alright Karli, I will go along with being tagged. I will name 8 people at the end to be tagged, but don't feel like you have to do it. Here we go:
8 Favorite TV Shows:
1. Ellen
2. Oprah
3. The Office
4. America's Next Top Model
5. Grey's Anatomy (I know it is trashy... I need to wean myself)
6. American Idol (although I am really bored with it the last couple of season and don't really watch).
7. What not to wear
8. Baby Story (I am obsessed with this show for a few months after giving birth, and then I have no desire to watch it anymore).

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. Blew my nose a lot. I am feeling congested and yucky.
2. Hung out at Heather's house with family in Eugene.
3. Went to Kris' house to do a family birthday party for Sofia.
4. Exchanged shoes at REI
5. Made cupcakes for the fiesta
6. Read a few more pages from "The Omnivore's Dilemma" (book review to come soon)
7. Went to Trader Joes to stock up on food. I love Trader Joes... we need one in Corvallis.
8. Worried as little kids kept almost hitting each other on accident instead of the pinata.

8 Favorite Restaurants (Disclaimer... this is hard since we don't go out to eat with kids very much... it's just not fun with kids)

1. Cafe Rio (I used to dream about it after we moved here from Utah)
2. Tucanos (Also in Utah.... the best Brazilian food)
3. American Dream (the best pizza in Corvallis)
4. Big River (I have only had a meal there once, because it is spendy... but if I could I would eat there more).
5. Sweet Tomatoes (food is not that awesome, but it is an easy place with kids).
6. Jamba Juice
7. Nearly Normal
8. New Morning Bakery

8 Things on My Wish List

1. To learn to have better self control
2. High Metabolism (come on, why didn't I get Buddy's genes?)
3. A ranch style house with a family room
4. A trip to Brazil and to Machu Pichu in Peru (Elisa... we will visit you someday if you stay long enough)
5. To live abroad with my family
6. To have the courage/time/resources/energy to start my own non-profit.
7. To become a better musician and write children' music.
8. Perspective. I just want to be happy and to have a happy family. I wish there was a magic fairy dust that could be sprinkled to help give me an eternal perspective when I am sweating the small stuff and help me prioritize my life better.

8 People I Tag to Play Next (Although I know that many of you won't do it)
1. Niki
2. Kim
3. Jaime
4. Anita
5. Sharon
6. Adrienne
7. Tonya
8. Margaret


Margaret said...

I miss Cafe Rio everyday. I have some homemade Rio recipes that are surprisingly close. It's the rice, pork and ranch dressing. So good.
Baby Story reminds me of Ricks.
Are you vegetarian?
Machu Pichu is on my wish list.
I like the rest of your wish list.
I'm not good at doing tags.
Love from Seattle.

Kara said...

I've tried a recipe, and it did make me happy, but it wasn't quite the same. Baby story doesn't remind me of ricks.. but The wedding story does. By they way, I am now friends with our old roommate Amy on facebook! Crazy, huh? She has 5 little chillins and looks happy.
NO, I am not a vegetarian, although I have contemplated it.
You and Austin should to to Mahchu Pichu with us, seriously.
You are good at so many things, so don't worry if you are not good at tags.
Love from Corvallis