Friday, November 7, 2008

Be the Change

Warning: This is a happy, cheesy, and optimistic post ahead. Leave your negative thoughts and energy at the door.
I have gone through an emotional roller coaster since we have found out about our new President. Here are a few examples of why.
1)I am so hopeful and happy. The day after we heard the news, we were having a family dance party (yes, we really have those) to the 'Yes we Can" video. I got all teary eyed when Sofia and Gabe held and hands and danced around in a circle with Sofia chanting "Yes we Can." Do you all have this picture in your head? It was so sweet, and how can I not be hopeful... it was so pure, sweet, and foreshadowing of the great future in store for my children. I just have to believe they have a great future a head of them, despite some of the awful things going on in the world right now.
2)Things that made me sad. Reading in the news, on blogs, and listening to anti-Obama people's reactions to his winning. Some people have been saying some craaaaazy things this past week. I'll admit that I have jumped in a couple of times to defend my beliefs, but it has just been hard for me to handle the ignorance.
What do do from here:
It is obvious that people all over the country are disagreeing about pretty much everything. The truth is, I could post 100 more political discussions, and we may never all agree on all of the issues. This is why we need to all be better and rise up to become the UNITED States of America (key word...united). It's that simple, we need to unite. It is so easy for us to all focus on our differences, but the truth is, positive change will only come about when we come together and work to make the change we want. I think that Obama is a genuine guy with good intentions, but the truth is (and what he has been saying all a long), is that the change has to come from us. We are all different, but most of us want the same things for our future, and especially for our children's future-Happiness,joy, education, opportunities, strong character.. the list goes on. Let's stop focusing on our differences and how we all disagree and use that energy to become better people and to make a better country. I know this may all sound overly optimistic to some of you, but this is my blog, and I am allowed to be however I want to be.
I have been brainstorming and setting goals as to how I can improve my self and the country, and here are a few ideas that I have had.
1) Simplify my life. We live in a society that buys too much, eats too much, and worries to much. I am going to continue to buy second hand as much as I can to cut down on waste (do we all realize what we do to other countries so that we can have lots of stuff?). I feel like I have been spending way too much lately on things I don't need... and guess what? It doesn't make me any happier. I will not go into debt so that I can live a lifestyle I don't need. I am going to work on being healthier (I signed up for a half marathon). I am going to only add things to my life if they bring balance. I am going to try and enjoy my family and my life more. I have a great life. What a waste for me to not take time every day to appreciate what I have. I am going to keep a gratitude journal to remind myself of how fortunate I am.
2) I am going to drive less and bike more when possible (or stay home more).
3)I am going to find causes I am passionate about and find ways to help. I am thinking about looking into becoming a CASA volunteer. Chris and I talked and thought that it would be a great idea to spend Thanksgiving this year doing service for others. I want to show God that I am thankful by my actions more.
4)I need to work harder to receive spiritual guidance and to become more like the Savior. I need to put into practice what I read in the scriptures(oh and I guess that means I should read the scriptures more regularly).

Those are a few ideas that I have. I am so so far from perfect, and I am sure that I won't be perfect in working on my goals, but I thought that writing them down may help keep me focused. Imagine what this country would be like if we all committed to stop fighting and to instead use our energy for good. I can not look at these pictures of my sweet children, thinking about their futures and not try to think of how I can do my part to make things better. Actions speak louder than words, so let's all stop talking and fighting so much and start doing!!!


tystrishy said...
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tystrishy said...

Good post, Kara! I may not agree completely on the politics but we do need to stand united. I like the idea of putting our goals out there for all to see. I need to try that. I remember one time an FHE lesson you gave on gratitude journals...also a great idea!

Michelle said...

Thanks for your post!

Margaret said...

I'm kind-of a weary of all politicians type of person. I have a hard time throwing my full support behind any.
But I agree, Obama is now my President and I will support him and pray that he can make positive changes in this country.
What a reminder of how amazing our country is that the people had a voice to elect an African-American as Preisdent. Only 50 years ago people wouldn't have believed it.

Karli said...

Kara, I totally miss you and I'm so grateful for the internet that connected us again! I'm going to be doing the CASA volunteer training in January! It's intense, so it'll be good to have someone to bounce things off of. I would LOVE to get together sometime soon. I'd even drive down to Corvallis, or maybe we could meet in the middle, at like, AC Gilbert's or something. Anyway, thanks for your perspective! Lots of love - Karli

Karli said...

Oh, and you've been tagged :)

Marianne said...

Keep on being your bad self. It is better than last election when we felt sick the next day. I loved being able to tell my son that his world would be better. Peace and love girl...and your stuffed die for!!!

juliette said...

What an inspiring post. Hope is such a fragile thing, and I'm afraid to feel it, but as naive as it seems, I prefer it to the alternative. There is no alternative! To you I say: BRAVA! (your a.m. blog stalker)

E said...

Thanks for this post! I'm inspired.

Kara said...

Ah... FHE in the single's branch. Memories. Funny memories.
How are you dearie? Where are you?
Politicians are definitely not the best role models. They try to relate to common folk (like us I guess :), but is is not believable. However, I do like Obama, and it does say a lot about how far our country has come.
We do need to get together. AC Gilbert house would be great!! How about in the next couple of weeks??? I would love to hear more about what you know about volunteering for CASA too.
I will try to keep being my bad self, but maybe I will be even badder (but in a good way). Girlfriend, you come over for dinner any time you want to.
You responded to my blog while you were in labor this morning... that is serious dedication.
You inspire me in many ways as well my dear. We miss you guys!

adrienne said...

You're so right! It's all about unity. And I'd hope that I'd feel the same way if McCain had won. Obama won and he'll be there for at least 4 years. Everyone should just accept that, whether they like it or not, and try to make things better for their country.

DenverW said...

I love the blog. I had trouble reading the font against the background.

Watch out for Hillary.........