Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gabriel Antonio

This is Gabe's cheesy weird grin that he flashes at strangers walking by. He flashes the grin, waves and says, "Hi." So cute.

This is Gabe's:"I don't like what you are telling me to do" look.
Gabe is changing so so much every day. Here are a few things that he is up to.
*This is a ritual that Gabe does probably 100 times a day. He pushes a chair from the table to the kitchen. Before he is caught, he climbs up on the counter, reaches for knives, or tries any other dangerous thing imaginable before I stop the fun. He cries when I push the chair back, and 10 seconds later, he is off trying to do the same thing again. I will not lie.... this is making me absolutely tired and crazy. He is obsessed. I have tried turning the chairs upside down. I would chain the chairs to the table if I could. Good thing that 15 month old kiddos are so so cute, because this stage is exhausting.
*Gabe is saying a lot of words, and if you are lucky enough (you probably won't be) you may be lucky enough to hear him say: Mama, Dadda, dog, sissy, agua, no (you most definitely will hear this one), ball, hola, nana (means he wants food.. banana), and hi. I forgot how dang cute it is when toddlers start saying words.
*Gabe is crazy. He is obsessed with tickling and wrestling people. This boy energy thing is new for me. He has been known to leave scratches on belly buttons while he tickles you and says:"Ticka ticka ticka ticka." He is also known to make much older children cry, because of his desire to playfully wrestle. He does it all with a smile on his face, but the boy is in your face.
*Gabe melts my heart. Even though this kid exhausts me, I can't get enough of him. He is so sweet and cuddly. He flashes the cheesiest grins that crack me up.


Cami said...

So cute. He has really grown up in no time.

Karli said...

Your kids are adorable, lady. I'm so glad we reconnected. I remember why we hit it off so well in Junior Miss! And an idea about the chairs: My SIL was having the same problem with her toddler and took bungee cords and hooked 5 or 6 end to end and wrapped them all the way around the chairs that were pushed up to the table, effectively attaching them to the table. It's really easy to get at and use the chairs when you need them and hook them back up when you're done. After the kid figured out how to lift the bungee over the back of the chair, she simply started weaving them through the backs of the chairs. Hope that helps! Looking forward to getting together soon!

Hondo said...

Great posts with great pictures. We need to introduce Gabe and Alex. Alex is also a wrestler with infinite battery life.

breanna said...

our boys sound a lot a like...don't worry the chair in the kitchen and getting into dangerous stuff won't stop for a while...elijah is almost 3 and he still hasn't given up on trying! lucky for us they are so cute and sweet! gabe is adorable!!!!!!