Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sofia Sky

Sofia is quite the girl. As she gains more and more vocabulary, I am amazed at how articulate she is. Here are some random things going on with Sofia.
*Sofia and I started a little swim class together, because I felt like I needed some one on one time with her.
*Sofia is bossy. I know I have mentioned this before, but there is no way this girl is a follower. I know that this will be a great trait as an adult, but it can make interactions with other kiddos a little tricky at times. On the same note, her leadership makes her want to always help everyone around her too.
*Sofia is a Sunbeam at church now and loves it.
*Speaking of Sunbeams... I have a cute/disturbing story that was told to me the other day. I guess all of the kids in her little class made pictures for their parents and as she was folding hers and ruining it, her teacher said,"Don't you want to give that to your mama? She'll be sad if you don't give it to her" to which Sofia responded, "It's okay,my mom's already sad." What the heck!! Seriously... I know I am impatient and in bad moods sometimes...but I'd like to consider myself to be a chipper and happy person, but apparently Sofia thinks she is living with a sad mom? Chris told me not to read into this, because kids' say crazy things, but the analytical side of me can't help it.
*Sofia is silly. She is always making jokes that she thinks are hilarious even when they aren't (I think she got this from me..I am used to laughing at my jokes when no one else thinks that they are funny).
*Sofia is sweet. I love this little gal so much. She is such a joy in our lives....drama and all. It is so amazing to see her become her own little person.


Jaycee's Daddy said...

We have loved watching Sofia grow up through all of your wonderful pictures. It helps to close the gap between visits!

Jeff said...

That story is hilarious about Sofia. Don't read into really do say crazy things. You're not a sad person by any means.

So...we need to chat. I really might just have to use Sophie if this kiddo is a girl. I've tried to deny my love of the name, but I CAN'T. I've loved it for YEARS. How do you guys feel about that? Let me know if it would alter our friendship in any way. This may be a moot point as of Friday, but just wanted some input. :)