Saturday, January 10, 2009


Okay, I promise I will be a better blogger now. I have just not been into blogging lately. We had a lovely Christmas spending time with my family in Medford and with the Becerras in Klamath. I really do wish that we had family closer. Here are some random pictures from our break.

Sofia getting ready to help Grandma Pam make cookies

Gabe was obsessed with my sister Kris' dog Henry. He actually obsessed with dogs every time we see them. It will take a lot of persuading for me to get a dog someday.

You always feel like a good mom when your wee ones are reading by themselves.

Jaime and sweet Macie (you are sweet too Jaime).

Gabe and Grandpa

Here's Chris looking all handsome and fatherly helping Gabe make bubbles at the children's museum in Ashland.

Sofia loved sleeping with both sets of Grandparents while away, and I thought this was too cute. I don't think that Sharon and Carlos thought that it was very fun to sleep with her when she threw up on them 5 times one night.

Sofia with cousins Kira and Ellie

The boys.

Sharon and her sidekick Sofia. Sofia does not give this poor woman the chance to even pee by herself when she is with her. She loves to help her all day long, and Sharon is soooo patient with her.

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