Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sesame Street Music Videos are cool now

I never imagined that I would be as thoroughly amused as I am by the music videos on Sesame Street. Seeing the Feist video on Robyn's blog reminded me of how much I also enjoy singing along with my kiddos. Are there other parents who enjoy these videos, or am I cheesier than I thought?

I never thought that the ABCs could be so beautiful until India Arie came along. In case you didn't know this before... I love love India Arie.
This one is super cheesy with Chris Brown, but I can't deny it, I was busting some dance moves. Good thing my audience thinks that I am a cool dancer. This may only last another few years :).


Margaret said...

Kara, my friends and I were just talking about how stinkin' funny Sesame Street is. Have you seen the Norah Jones video of her singing "I don't know why y didn't come"?
Anyway, very funny stuff. I like to think they make it not too mind numbing for parents that are watching as well.

Annalise said...

Actually I really enjoy Sesane Street, there are lots of celebrities and humor meant for adults--the producers are smart. They know that parents are laying on the couch watching too! So no wonder TelleTubbies wasn't a hit...parents don't turn on something they won't watch.

I thought the Tina Fey pirate bit the other day was really cute!!

Robyn said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one! I have looooooong loved Sesame Street.

It rocks.

juliette said...

I just started, out of slight wintertime desperation, tuning into Sesame Street one or two days a week. Man are there some stars on there! I wasn't expecting to see Conan O'Brian or Robert DeNiro!
Sad to have missed Tina Fey.

adrienne said...

Sesame Street is definitely cool! I have to laugh when they make references to things that kids don't get like Elmo running on the beach "Baywatch" style, or Desperate Houseplants with the cute gardener! Funny stuff! I wish my kids were MORE interested in it. They won't sit through much when it comes to TV.

Kara said...

I am glad I am not alone. I did see the Norah Jones one, and I did also see Tina Fey.. It was so great.