Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wait... who is the Mama??

Sofia (and maybe other 3 year olds too???) has a bad habit of making requests in a whiny and mean way. Instead of saying, "Mommy, can I have some water please", it is (imagine a really really whiny voice "I want water. Get me water!" I have to stop and wait for her to ask me the right way. When she does make a request in a nice way, I make sure to say, "Thank you so much for asking nicely."
The other day, I asked Sofia to throw something in the garbage. She looked up at me and said, "Thank you for asking me nicely, Mommy." The funny thing is, is that I needed the reminder. I often times do the same thing that she does. I get impatient and ask her to do things in my monster voice many times (usually after I have already asked her several times). I love how kids teach us the lessons that we are trying to teach them (if that makes any sense?).


Jaime said...

Ellie is very good at reminding me to be nice if I am annoyed or mad. Nothing else can put one back in their place fast enough as a child helping remind them.

Jaime said...

That was from Scott, not Jaime

breanna said...

i remember when renee did that at about elijah just says "be nice to me!" in his mean voice if i'm not using my polite words...toddlers!

Jaime said...

Connor always says "Santa is watching you right now"

Kristin Collantes said...

I still come and visit sometimes. Dont block me :)