Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wait... who is the Mama??

Sofia (and maybe other 3 year olds too???) has a bad habit of making requests in a whiny and mean way. Instead of saying, "Mommy, can I have some water please", it is (imagine a really really whiny voice "I want water. Get me water!" I have to stop and wait for her to ask me the right way. When she does make a request in a nice way, I make sure to say, "Thank you so much for asking nicely."
The other day, I asked Sofia to throw something in the garbage. She looked up at me and said, "Thank you for asking me nicely, Mommy." The funny thing is, is that I needed the reminder. I often times do the same thing that she does. I get impatient and ask her to do things in my monster voice many times (usually after I have already asked her several times). I love how kids teach us the lessons that we are trying to teach them (if that makes any sense?).

Monday, January 26, 2009

Going private

For many reasons and concerns, it's official. This bog's going private. If you would like to be able to have access, drop me an email at: . Oh, and by the way, if you are a blog stalker (I know there are many out there) that I know, and if I can verify in my head that you are not a total weirdo, don't be embarrassed to drop me an email too :). I will probably change over in the next week, so my 5 loyal reading friends... send me an email :).

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sesame Street Music Videos are cool now

I never imagined that I would be as thoroughly amused as I am by the music videos on Sesame Street. Seeing the Feist video on Robyn's blog reminded me of how much I also enjoy singing along with my kiddos. Are there other parents who enjoy these videos, or am I cheesier than I thought?

I never thought that the ABCs could be so beautiful until India Arie came along. In case you didn't know this before... I love love India Arie.
This one is super cheesy with Chris Brown, but I can't deny it, I was busting some dance moves. Good thing my audience thinks that I am a cool dancer. This may only last another few years :).

Friday, January 23, 2009

This I Believe

I just discovered a series on NPR called: "This I believe." I have listened to a few with my IPod while running, and I have to share. The few I have listed to have touched me, and I can't wait to listen to more. These are a series of essays that different people have written to share their life lessons and beliefs. One that amazed me was written by a seven year old boy. Here are a few examples of what Tarak McLain believes:
I believe life is good.
I believe God is in everything.
I believe we are all equal.
I believe we can help people.
I believe everyone is weird in their own way.
I believe that when I meditate, I feel peaceful.
I believe we should be generous.
I believe people should wake up early.
I believe people should go outside more.
I believe it's okay to die but not to kill.

There are more, but those are some of the ones that were the most touching to me.
If you have 5 minutes, please listen to this one as well: "Caring Makes us Human." This is an essay by a man who has been serving prison for two decades, and he beautifully explains why recidivism is so high and what is missing in our prisons today.
I can not wait to listen to more of these. I am hooked.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gabriel Antonio

This is Gabe's cheesy weird grin that he flashes at strangers walking by. He flashes the grin, waves and says, "Hi." So cute.

This is Gabe's:"I don't like what you are telling me to do" look.
Gabe is changing so so much every day. Here are a few things that he is up to.
*This is a ritual that Gabe does probably 100 times a day. He pushes a chair from the table to the kitchen. Before he is caught, he climbs up on the counter, reaches for knives, or tries any other dangerous thing imaginable before I stop the fun. He cries when I push the chair back, and 10 seconds later, he is off trying to do the same thing again. I will not lie.... this is making me absolutely tired and crazy. He is obsessed. I have tried turning the chairs upside down. I would chain the chairs to the table if I could. Good thing that 15 month old kiddos are so so cute, because this stage is exhausting.
*Gabe is saying a lot of words, and if you are lucky enough (you probably won't be) you may be lucky enough to hear him say: Mama, Dadda, dog, sissy, agua, no (you most definitely will hear this one), ball, hola, nana (means he wants food.. banana), and hi. I forgot how dang cute it is when toddlers start saying words.
*Gabe is crazy. He is obsessed with tickling and wrestling people. This boy energy thing is new for me. He has been known to leave scratches on belly buttons while he tickles you and says:"Ticka ticka ticka ticka." He is also known to make much older children cry, because of his desire to playfully wrestle. He does it all with a smile on his face, but the boy is in your face.
*Gabe melts my heart. Even though this kid exhausts me, I can't get enough of him. He is so sweet and cuddly. He flashes the cheesiest grins that crack me up.

Sofia Sky

Sofia is quite the girl. As she gains more and more vocabulary, I am amazed at how articulate she is. Here are some random things going on with Sofia.
*Sofia and I started a little swim class together, because I felt like I needed some one on one time with her.
*Sofia is bossy. I know I have mentioned this before, but there is no way this girl is a follower. I know that this will be a great trait as an adult, but it can make interactions with other kiddos a little tricky at times. On the same note, her leadership makes her want to always help everyone around her too.
*Sofia is a Sunbeam at church now and loves it.
*Speaking of Sunbeams... I have a cute/disturbing story that was told to me the other day. I guess all of the kids in her little class made pictures for their parents and as she was folding hers and ruining it, her teacher said,"Don't you want to give that to your mama? She'll be sad if you don't give it to her" to which Sofia responded, "It's okay,my mom's already sad." What the heck!! Seriously... I know I am impatient and in bad moods sometimes...but I'd like to consider myself to be a chipper and happy person, but apparently Sofia thinks she is living with a sad mom? Chris told me not to read into this, because kids' say crazy things, but the analytical side of me can't help it.
*Sofia is silly. She is always making jokes that she thinks are hilarious even when they aren't (I think she got this from me..I am used to laughing at my jokes when no one else thinks that they are funny).
*Sofia is sweet. I love this little gal so much. She is such a joy in our lives....drama and all. It is so amazing to see her become her own little person.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My sweet/strange husband

Chris is sweet. Something that I appreciate about him is that he never has complained about my cooking. He eats anything I make, and he is quick to compliment me when he really enjoys what I make. So, back to the fact that he eats everything I make. I have noticed a strange pattern in my husband over the last week as I have made a couple of dishes that didn't turn out very great. Chris doesn't complain that the food is gross, but he immediately goes to the fridge and pulls out the sour cream and salsa to add to the gross food, and apparently sour cream and salsa make everything better?
The strange part comes in with the fact that I haven't made Mexican food this week. Chris has added sour cream and salsa to gross pizza and to my attempt at pad thai. I just can't believe that adding sour cream and salsa could really make bad pad thai taste better. Your a funny one Chris, but hey I can't complain, because he doesn't :).

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Book Review: The Last Lecture

I am sure that most of you have already read this book or at least heard about Randy Pausch. This is a professors' "last lecture" he gives to hundreds of people months before he dies of pancreatic cancer, leaving a wife and 3 young children behind. Randy Pausch was an amazing person with great integrity and love for his family. This book really made me check to see if my priorities are in order and wonder what kind of example and legacy I want to leave for my children. Read this book (it is a really quick read) and go to youtube to watch the full lecture.


Okay, I promise I will be a better blogger now. I have just not been into blogging lately. We had a lovely Christmas spending time with my family in Medford and with the Becerras in Klamath. I really do wish that we had family closer. Here are some random pictures from our break.

Sofia getting ready to help Grandma Pam make cookies

Gabe was obsessed with my sister Kris' dog Henry. He actually obsessed with dogs every time we see them. It will take a lot of persuading for me to get a dog someday.

You always feel like a good mom when your wee ones are reading by themselves.

Jaime and sweet Macie (you are sweet too Jaime).

Gabe and Grandpa

Here's Chris looking all handsome and fatherly helping Gabe make bubbles at the children's museum in Ashland.

Sofia loved sleeping with both sets of Grandparents while away, and I thought this was too cute. I don't think that Sharon and Carlos thought that it was very fun to sleep with her when she threw up on them 5 times one night.

Sofia with cousins Kira and Ellie

The boys.

Sharon and her sidekick Sofia. Sofia does not give this poor woman the chance to even pee by herself when she is with her. She loves to help her all day long, and Sharon is soooo patient with her.