Sunday, May 6, 2007

Anyone need computer help?

If anyone needs computer help, apparently I am the woman to come to. Not really, in fact, I would say that I am barely average with my computer skills, but it is all relevant. It seems like in the last week, I have gotten about 3 night time calls from the Mexican moms in my little program asking for help with some simple skill. Mind you, I am teaching these women how to use a mouse, type, and I they think that email is a modern miracle (which it actually really is). Chris thinks that it is very funny that people are calling me and asking for computer advice, beause as I mentioned before, I am not exactly an expert. I am very appreciatove for the skills I have to enable me to live successfully in this country.. email, driver's license, the ability to communicate with everyone around me. I am really trying to work with the moms to try to branch out and push themselves with their English and also with other goals like obtaining drivers license etc... I think that sometimes they feel so intimidated (understandibly) by how much they have to learn, and when most of them have only a 5th grade education, I think that they feel even more intimidated. What a great example for these moms to show their kids that they can accomplish things even when they are hard.. which also reminds me.. how good am I at doing this? Sometimes I really feel like I need to work harder at pushing myself to do things that aren't "comfortable," because I so get in the habit of daily life that doing things out of the norm can be very intimidating. I need to not be a hypocrite telling them to push themselves when I often times want to just be in a place where things aren't too hard. Anyways, that is my random thought for the day.


The Bains said...

great thought kara...humbling yet hopeful isn't it?! you are encouraging these women to be all they can be...i think that's the best gift you could give...:-)

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