Wednesday, May 23, 2007

This is My Confession (Pet Peeves)

So I have a confession to make. Many may see me as a nice enough person with a kind heart.. but there is a darker side to me you may not know about. Here it goes... I do not really like domestic animals that much. Whale watching... I love. Looking at Bald Eagles.. amazing. Having a nasty cat come up and rub its' butt on me... nasty. I think that a lot of people who are major pet lovers may think I am cruel, but I just don't invision myself doing the pet thing. I have been thinking about this and how it will play in with having kids. I had pets growing up.. but those poor pets ended up being neglected after they left the cute baby stage. For those of you who I am friends with who have pets.. don't be paranoid. I really don't mind going to people's houses who have fact, I can even admire their sweetness from time to time (especially dogs).. I just don't have what it takes to commit to taking care of another creature right now besides the human creatures that dwell in my house. It also kind of bugs me when people treat their pets like they are royalty. It cracks me up when someone asks me about how Sofia is doing and then they tell me about how that is just what their dog is doing too.

Pet lovers.. please defend yourselves. I know that even though I may not want pets any time soon, I need to relax and help my kids to feel comfortable around animals. Any suggestions? Am I the only person around her who isn't ga ga for pets?? Don't worry everyone.. this isn't a subject I stay up losing sleep over.. I just randomly thought of it.

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The Growing Hennans said...

You don't need to feel like you are cruel or anything! Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I am a dog person. I don't expect other people to be one tho. However, it is essential that you teach your daughters to respect and be gentle with animals while also giving them the opportunity to pet them when you have the opportunity. Especially teach them to ask for permission with dogs. Even tho my dog loves kids, I can't believe how many 18 month or 3 year-olds just walk up and pet her, sometimes without even a parent in sight! That kills me! You can't always read a dog by its exterior....