Sunday, May 20, 2007

Livin la vida loca

Hello Everyone,
Please get on me to write more posts. I just get busy during the week and it seems like the weekend is the only time I get around to writing. The last couple of weeks I have been feeling really yucky with a cold. Yesterday it was so nice, because Chris was able to take Sofia to Portland to run some errands while I just spent time trying to get better here. By the way everyone, I have my ultrasound on Friday.. so I can't wait to see my little caterpillar and make sure everything is going well.
Life feels so busy right now, so I can't wait for summer vacation to start in 4 weeks. Even though I would like to think that summer will be relaxing, we are already swamped. I will go a few days after school is out to Klamath Falls with Sofia while Chris' dad comes up to help put hardwood floors in downstairs. Then all of my family will be coming in town for my sister's wedding at the end of June.. so it will be fun but crazy getting Sofia with her 10 cousins on my side. I will then leave Chris and go up to Seattle for a good friends wedding, and come back with 1 day to get ready for our trip to Honduras. Yes, we are going to Honduras this summer. It will be so so fun. Most of Chris' family from the states on his dad's side will be going down as well. We will be hanging out on the beach for 10 days, and that is all we plan on doing. I can't wait to run around and explore with Sofia in a new place (as much running around as a 6 month pregnant woman will want to do). It has been 4 years since we lived in Honduras, so it will be so so nice to go back.
Sorry that this blog is so random, but welcome to me :). I would now like to talk about cute Sofia things. This little girl's personality is exploding. She loves trying to make jokes with us. She also is learning so much. Usually when we read with her, she can say the words of things that she recognizes (dogs, cats, agua, cars, big bird, ball, etc.. ), but now she is starting to make more connections. Chris was wearing a shirt with a car on it today, and she said "Vroooom" when she noticed. He also was wearing an Oregon duck sweatshirt later today, and she saw the duck and did the sign for bird and said "bir." It is so amazing to watch their little minds work. It is so amazing to see things throught the eyes of a child. Anyways, that is life in these parts right now. More updates to come after my ultrasound on Friday!! Peace out y'all.

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The Bains said...

gracias por las fotos...por fin tengo una idea de quien es tu mardio. que lindo tu familia. como te sientes? poco mejor? ojala que no tengas la enfermedad "5th". oye, cuando no estas trabajando que haces? bueno. chao!