Thursday, May 31, 2007

Entering and Leaving this World

Here is a picture of Sofia after her first time strawberry picking today. She literally ate like 20 strawberries! We will be doing lots of berry picking this summer if anyone is interested in joining me (Chris can only handle so much of it). Also, I am finally posting an ultrasound picture.. not that they are super exciting to other people, but I think he is cute for still being at that alien stage :).

So, I have been thinking that last couple of days about two big stories in the news that are different but also very related. The first one is about the 60 year old woman who had a baby!! Whoa mama!! I can not imagine having a baby at 60 years old!! What do people think about trying so hard to have a baby at that age? I think it is crazy that science has advanced so that a woman a couple of years older than my mom could still have a baby.

The next story in the news is the release of Dr. Kevorkian from prison and the whole assisted suicide issue. What do people think about assisted suicide? First I have to say that I cannot even begin to understand what it would feel like to see a family member suffering or to myself be so close to dying and tired of hanging on. With that said, I on the other hand wonder if science can go too far in trying to play God sometimes. I know that science can bring technology that blesses lives ... but when have things gone far? Can we as human beings really try to control "nature" this much? When do we stop and have faith that there is a higher plan for us?? I am throwing this out, because it is a confusing topic. Obviously science is essential in helping and even saving lives... but I guess I start wondering if things are going too far. I really am intersted in hearing what people think!!


juliette said...

Whoa, that's some heavy stuff, man. I'm not gonna touch it...BUT I am dying to go pick tons of strawberries.

matt said...

hey Kara! Matt McCasline here. Your daughter is adorable and congrats on t he new little one! drop us a line at