Friday, January 18, 2008


Okay, I have one more rambling for the day. Has everyone seen Juno? If not... you must go and see it so I can see what you all think about it. I laughed. I cried. I kept wanting to have conversations with Tonya after every dialog (which was probably annoying), because it was so well written. Despite what people think about what happens in the movie.. I think that the movie fulfilled a mission.... it makes you think and think and think afterwards. Ellen Page was an amazing actress.. I am predicting an Oscar. Anywho.. if anyone is bored this weekend, go and see Juno!


Jaime said...

Kara I aaw it and I loved it. The only thing that I hated was some mom brought her 13 year old son to it and through the whole opening scene I was so embarrased for him. Totally inappropriate for a 13 year old!!!

Tonya said...

It was a great movie and you were a fabulous date :)

Kara's Blog said...

OH I was out getting a drink of water and missed the first scene and just caught the last 10 seconds of it, but it sounds like it was probably a good thing I missed it. So everyone show up to the movie 5 minutes late :)

Amanda said...

I've heard that movie is great, but haven't seen it yet. Kara - I have to tell you that I seriously think you're wonderful. And I know everyone else reading this thinks the same too...because they are your friend or family. But, you are truly one of a kind and I'm glad to say I'm your friend. My only regret is I'm not as good of a friend to you. I'm sorry you had to the whole shuttle ordeal to contend with. We are all too self absorbed. i know I'm guilty of it.'re great and I really hope to see you soon.

Kristin said...

I have been stopping by your blog every now and then (via Adriennes blog) and love reading it, and I don't know why I don't do it regularly, so maybe I will. If you don't mind I'll be a new blogging buddy? :) I'm sure you remember me I was roommies with Adrienne before she was with you and then I practically lived at you're guys apartment because my new roommies hated me for some reason, any way I'm sure you remember me.
So a few comments...
Loved Juno! Except for that first opening scene. But yes I totally agree that it was a good movie, very well written, good actors and it was pretty funny. That is so me and my hubbies kind of movies, the ones that are just simple and not trying too hard to be so different.
Have you ever seen that show (it's no longer on tv)called Arrested Development? any way I think you'd like it it has that boy in it from Juno and Jason Bateman too, check it out if you haven't seen it.
Commenting on your other posts
I love Ellen too and I assume you are an Ellen watcher since I remember so well you dancing all the time (fun memories) I'm not a Huge Oprah fan only because it's on right around the time I start thinking about dinner so I don't have time to watch it and some times she bugs me but that is just me.
If you're looking for good male singers I don't have much time to listen to music but if you haven't hear any Mason Jennings I think you'd like him, he's very up beat and most of his stuff is clean too. Eden (my little 4 year old) loves sing along and dancing to his stuff. Her favorite song of his is Sorry signs on Cash Machines, it's a good one, she's been singing it since she could talk she loves it. kids are great aren't they?
Oh and by the way your kiddos are soooo cute! Sofia is so adorable she seems like she has lots of personality.
Any way that is all my comments I felt bad for reading your blog secretly, but the secret is out!
check out mine if you'd like: