Friday, January 18, 2008


Today was an interesting day. I had to wake up super early with the kids to drop off the van to get the sliding doors fixed. We were planning on catching a shuttle home, so after dropping the keys off, we headed to the waiting room where there was only one other man waiting at the time. Within minutes, everyone and their dog who owns a Honda in Corvallis showed up, and they too all needed shuttles. Since I was the second person in line for the shuttle, I assumed I would have no problems, but I was wrong. After 1/2 hour, and me dealing with 2 tiny kids in a busy waiting room, the first shuttle arrived. As I began to gather my carseats and to gather all of our stuff, I realized that I wasn't going to make the shuttle.. and do you know why? Because everyone waiting decided that they would give no regards to the struggling mom with two little kids (who by the way has been waiting way longer than you all), and they all rushed to the shuttle to make sure they had a spot so that they could go about their busy days. I could not believe that I had been left behind. I waited for another half hour for the next shuttle to come. This story may sound a little drama queenish, but there is a good part too. There was one man who was also waiting for the shuttle who was so sweet in helping me. He helped hold Gabe while I helped Sofia get a drink, and he attempted to help me get onto the first shuttle, and he too was probably shocked that the waiting mom with two little kids was being left. He stayed to help me get onto the next shuttle, and he even requested that the driver take me home first even though he lived closer. For those of you live in Corvallis, it was farmer Dennison who sells produce at the co op and farmer's market.. so make sure you buy his produce.
Okay.. before I ramble on even more, let me cut to the moral of the story. Was it really that horrific that people rudely cut to get on the shuttle and that I had to wait longer? No, to be quite honest. The kids were being fine, but the thing that bugs me is the principle of what happened. Are we all so caught up in our own lives, talking on our cell phones and thinking about our dinner plans, and what we need to do at work.. that we overlook the young mom with 2 kids... or the old lady who needs our help.. or whatever the different scenario may be? This situation really reminded me that despite how easy it is to get caught up in my own life and needs, I really need to make a conscious effort to make sure that I stop and take time to see what's going on around me. Those people who cut in front of me are probably all very nice and respectable people, but they didn't take time to notice.. except for my friend farmer Dennison (is it just me or are farmers just the nicest people.. please refer to my farmer davis post for more evidence).


juliette said...

You and your farmers! What a story! Next time call me for a ride, it will take less than an hour.
Yes, I agree that people can be very inconsiderate, but it still always surprises me when they are.
I can't believe those losers!

Margaret said...

This is such a Kara story to me. Not the part about you getting left, but you being friends with not one farmer, but two. And also your ability to spin it into a thought provoking tale.

Kelda Frazier said...

Farmer's are the best. just the other day, a farmer tipped his hat to me and said "howdy ma'am". It was so cute and polite. Farmers are amazing!