Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My cutie patooties and randomness

Here are pictures of the kiddos. I have to tell you, maybe I am biased, but I just know that my little kiddos are destined for greatness. Doesn't every parent hope that for their kids, but I swear I can already imagine what great human beings they will be. Hopefully having me as a parent won't get in the way of that :)
Gabe is getting old enough now that he is starting to think Sofia is as funny as the rest of us. As you can see from the pictures of her, she sometimes likes to pretend that she is also a baby. It is amazing how you can already tell how much those two love each other. Ah... siblings. Not that any of them will ever read this. I'm not sure what my siblings have against blogs, but I will give $5 to my first sibling to respond to this post (it won't happen).

Oh, I know some people wondered why I didn't put Romney on my poll, but for some reason I am just assuming that Mcain has a better chance of winning. He obviously just won Florida.. so anywho.. so why is no one picking Clinton? I feel so confused to where all of her votes around the country are coming from, because the only person I have talked to that would plan on voting for her is my sister Kris. I don't personally have anything against her, but I think that she is divisive, and we need someone who can bring the country together. I have heard that many people think that she is "B"otchy, but I am wondering if they would think that if she acted the same way as a man. I am the lone voter for Edwards, but Obama would be my second choice.
(Okay, I know that I usually mix a lot of unrelated topics in blogs.. but even I realize that this one is all spastic... sorry).


Anita said...

oh my goodness, those pictures have made me miss you guys so much!!! Gabe is growing so fast His smile is sooo cute! I really do like Edwards a lot....I guess i put obama because he is my second choice, but also because I think He is the best candidate to unify the country, and I feel inspired when he talks about change, which i don't feel for Hilary...anyway those are my thoughts. You owe me 5 bucks, girl I was yo sista even before you married Chris:-) Mrs. Kara Becerra:-)

Cami said...

Cute, Cute!!

The Growing Hennans said...

That picture of Sofia sideways in the rocking/bouncy chair looks like it is out of a magazine!

You and me for Edwards! Although I heard he will probably announce that he will drop out today. :o(

Elisa said...

My dear friend Kara. Your children are so beautiful...ahh...they have so much expression in their eyes. I miss you. I love reading your's like talking to you! We miss all of you.

Amanda said...

I love those pictures. Gabe looks adorable! And I didn't "officially" vote but I do feel a leaning towards Obama...although I'm not so sure I actually picture any of the candidates RUNNING THE COUNTRY! Ok...gotta go shovel the 4 inches of snow we got last night! And another storm is brewing for Friday. UGH. I need to move to Oregon NOW.

Shahnaz said...

Those pictures are sooooo cute! I love sibling moments like those. Adorable. It's funny because I put Obama even though I was (am) undecided. The truth is that Edwards has been the most inspiring to me, but I guess I didn't put him because I knew it was only a matter of time before he would be out of the race. I like and respect a lot of the things that Hillary has done, and I think Bill did wonders for our foreign diplomacy, but I've been really turned off by their attitudes and attacks. I guess I'm still undecided. I think it sucks that our primary takes place so late that it won't even count for anything.
BTW, my normal work schedule is all day on Monday and Wednesdays and half-days on Fridays. I often have to flex that because of various trainings and meetings though.
And as for Live and Learn with your Baby...I'm actually taking the afternoon class only because that's when Brady's parents are available to have a standing play date with Owen so that I can take Quincy to be with babies his own age. Maybe next term I can switch.

juliette said...

Those kids are CUTE. I HAVE to see them soon!
A quote from one of my seven sibs:
"I read your blog faithfully...every six months."

Margaret said...

So, I felt sad when John Edwards left the running. He was my fav. Like others have said, none of the remaining really get me excited. It's like choosing the lesser of evils. I need to look into it a little more. Miss Hilary does get on my nerves though.
More importantly, your kids are so dang cute. And Gabe is getting so big!
One more thing- Once you get your talk show going I think you should run for office. You could totally do it. Show them all that you're a lover, not a fighter.