Friday, January 25, 2008

The Scoop

Okay, so I am posting again without pictures. Sorry... we had to send my camera away to get fixed. What a pain it is to not have my camera... I will have to have Chris take pictures so I can post some (wouldn't it make sense for him to be the one to take pictures anyways?). Until my camera is fixed, I figured that I would post something for my loyal blogging friends (all 4 of you :)so that you don't give up on me.... so here you go.. my random thoughts for the day.
*Gabe is starting to laugh a little, and it is so precious I tell you.. it could even melt the heart of the mean lady at the library I bet.
*Sofia feels like it is her purpose in life right now to declare when people are either funny or happy. All day long she yells to let me know that Gabe is happy, and if you are even slightly silly around her, she will compliment you and let you know that you are funny (don't we all feel good when someone thinks that we are funny?).
*Some guy said he was going to make an offer on our place, and he didn't. Oh the joyous emotional roller coaster of selling a house. We are in no hurry to sell, so I am being compelled to be patient (it doesn't come naturally for me).
*Today school was canceled with not even 2 inches of snow. Gotta love these wimpy fair weathered people. It was nice having Chris home today.
*Why do pantyhose exist? I mean really. I can understand why tights exist (especially for little girls.. they are so cute) to keep us warm I suppose, but pantyhose.. seriously why? For any of you who are pantyhose wearers, I would like to understand why pantyhose are important to you. Are women trying to look a little tanner? Did your mom's train you to wear them, and you never could break the habit? Please enlighten me, because they are so uncomfortable and unnecessary in my life.
*Belly dancing is not my thing. Don't get me wrong, I am having a good enough time, and I will finish the class off for sure, but I will not be enrolling again. I was imagining doing a lot of booty shaking, which sounded fun enough to me, but instead I stare in the mirror with a confused pooping face as I try to tell my mind to tell my stomach to do a belly roll.
*I need to finish up this post, because since Chris and I have been married, we have kind of had an unspoken rule that goes like this: When Chris watches sports, he has to give me a massage. Seriously.. it is a win win. I get to spend time with Chris and get a massage, and he is happy that he gets to watch sports when he feels like it. Adios my friends.


The Macdonald family said...

I like your massage rule. I try to make Jeremy play with my hair when he watches sports, but that doesn't last. I'm sorry to hear that belly dancing isn't meeting your desire for booty shaking. Luckily you're still having fun....Hey I was wondering how Gabe's cholic is doing too??
Your loyal blog follower:
Julie (1 of 4)

Heather said...

That massage rule is great! And, there's nothing like a laughing baby - it help you forget that it's 3am. :) (Blog follower 2 of 4)

Heather said...

The 2 inches of snow melted and refroze and made the roads incredibly icy. I watched two different cars slide into the deep ditch off 99 - and Pete saw a couple cars do the same. There were cars off the road all over the place. Phew - driving in that was awful.

Cami said...

Sorry about the belly dancing. Love it when our kids are so fun to be with. Wish I could have me massage rule in our home. When ever Aaron is giving me a massage the kids come crawling all over him. Pantyhose-I don't wear them, haven't woren them forever.
(3 or 4)

Amanda said...

I wish they would cancel school here in Utah...maybe I wouldn't have had my near-death experience in the highway the other week! I told Jeff about the "massage" rule and his only response was, "but you LIKE to watch Jazz games" -- no luck there. Maybe Chris can talk some sense into him???

juliette said...

1. FOUR loyal blogging friends??! This is the sixth comment, lady.
2. I know exactly who you mean by the mean lady at the library.
3. My 102-pound twenty-something cousin, in her third pregnancy, could probably tell you what pantyhose are for. She has the worst varicose veins in her legs, and has to wear the horrible things all the time. And she lives in Florida where it is uncomfortable to just wear a t-shirt. I'm not sure how they're different from tights in function though, maybe not as hot?

Shahnaz said...

Hi Kara! If you're wondering how I found your blog, it was via Tonya's. Anyway, it was great to run into you at the Toy Factory on Friday. Your kids are A-Dorable, and you look great! I wish I had had more time to chat. We should make a play date for Owen/Sofia and Quincy/Gabe. Ciao. Oh, and how on Earth did you create that massage rule??? I need that in my house!

Chris said...

Just so all of your husbands don't think I'm a total push over, I just want to add one more condition to the massage rule.

NO talking during the basketball game.

Kara tries to talk about what she saw on Oprah, or what someone wrote on their blog and that just ruins the game watching experience.

Amanda said...


Ok, so you may not even know who this is...but I'm sure Chris will. And I've probably made this observation before. BUT tonight while I was watching the Jazz/Spurs Basketball game I realized that Chris looks EXACTLY like one of the Spurs player...Manu Ginobli...balding spot and EVERYTHING. Hope that doesn't offend Chris.

Kara's Blog said...

The colic is much better.. he just isn't a big sleep in general now, but I am getting used to it.
Travel safely during your commute, and keep me in mind if Sylvie's daycare closes!
You deserve to go to a professional with all of your hard work (not that Aaron's effort isn't appreciated)
I looked online,and that guy does kind of look like a longer version (including his nose) of Chris, but similar.
The varicrose vein thing totally makes sense. Do pantyhose do anything to help with them, or do they just cover them up. I am a veiny person (not Vein as in the reference in Carly Simon's song)so I think I may get those as well.
Welcome to the blogging world.. it's an addicting world I may warn.
I will try not to talk a lot during games, but no promises

adrienne said...

I just have to say that I am also a loyal reader!! I don't get pantyhose either!! I had to wear them to work everyday when I was pregnant the first time. Nothing worse than pantyhose when you're pregnant. I just feel dumb when I wear pantyhose. I never know what color to wear. The "nude" shades don't look natural (especially for me since I'm practically albino) and why would you want to have black or blue legs?! It's another generations thing. I don't get it.
I don't even want to mention the sports watching thing to Denver. I can just imagine how relaxing a massage would be if he was really into a game. I'd rather do my own thing while he watches.