Friday, November 9, 2007

The Best Investment Ever

Here it is.. our best investment ever. It's not our house or our cars or even equipment for Chris' business.... it's a play kitchen. Sofia can now entertain herself for long periods of time using her imagination in her kitchen. She is even starting to talk a lot more as she pretends. I can also get a few more things done without her hanging on me. This is definitely something that I am grateful for today.

I walked into our room and saw Sofia reading to herself sitting in our broken bookshelf. Her favorite books right now that she has memorized are "Silly Sally" and "Quick as a Cricket."
Don't you just want to smooch those cheeks? Gabe is starting to chunk up which makes me feel so happy since I have had some worries about my milk supply. He has smiled a few times and is starting to coo. Today was not as bad of a colic day.. maybe the end is near??
Besides Sofia's play kitchen, one thing I am so thankful for today is the hard work Chris does (two jobs) to allow me to stay home with our kiddos. I went and visited a friend today (one of the Mexican moms who was in the program I ran last year) who is at work at the store their family just bought with her 2 young sons from 9 in the morning until 9 at night. She is so exhausted and even though she is with her kids, it is so hard having them at the store all day. I know that someday I will so cherish these times I am having with my kiddos right now. Many times when I talk to family members or other women whose children are grown, they get teary eyed thinking about these precious years. Even though I definitely have my nutso days.. I wouldn't trade this time for anything.

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juliette said...

Silly Sally is one of Trevor's favorites, too. Todd has it memorized and even used it in a toast at his brother's wedding reception!(Don't ask.)
It was really great to get to hold Gabriel for a long time the other day. He is so warm and snuggly and sweet-smelling! I did not give him up to the next pair of hands without a fight.