Monday, November 12, 2007

One Patient Guy

Today I was reminded of an incident that makes me very grateful for a very patient brother. In college I borrowed my brother Scott's car to run some errands. As I backed out of a parking spot, I backed up with a little too much gusto and backed into a pole, denting my brothers car pretty bad. Being the forever passive aggressive soul I am (maybe a new year's resolution I could work on?), I returned the car and keys to my brother and then went home and called him and told him to go and look at the back of his car. My brother did not get mad at all.... in fact, he just thought I was a wierdo for waiting to call him to tell him. My brother is one patient and nice guy. It takes a lot to get that guy more.. apparently even more than denting his car. He is not a man of many words.. try holding a long phone conversation with him on the phone ( you would think if anyone could do it it would be me) and you may struggle but I love him. When I was pregnant with Sofia, he even went and bought me a maternity outfit and those candies that are supposed to make morning sickness go away.. that is just the kind of guy he is. Today I am also thankful for good weather. You don't realize how much you appreciate a nice day until you have a stormy windy day (where you are forced to stay inside with an energetic 2 year old all day).

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