Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gratitude List

I have decided that in celebration of Thanksgiving coming up, I will post one thing a day that I am thankful for. This will be good for me right now as I am realizing how much I take for granted in my life. Today I am grateful for good friends. Yesterday Marianne stopped by and brought me a delicious quiche and held Gabriel for me who had not slept a wink all morning. Then Tonya and I passed those afternoon hours when you are going nutso before the hubby gets home walking and letting kiddos play at the park. I am blessed with such great friends... especially friends who are sticking with me during my postpartum craziness!! I have to add one more thing that I am grateful for.. Sesame Street. Yes, I will admit it.. I let my child watch sesame street before she was 2.. but it is one show I feel good about letting her watch. Today's Sesame Street had India Arie on it who is so so cool. What could be better than a show that kids and moms both like? I have also seen Jon Stewart, Alicia Keys and many other cool people on Sesame Street. Maybe if I am really cool one day I can be on Sesame Street. Wouldn't that be fun?


The Growing Hennans said...

You are an amazing person and mom, Kara! I can't believe al the things you do - with kids in tow! And I saw your fantastic silly picture on Tonya's blog. I still say you look fabulous and I was glad to see you acting wacky as always. In my inexperienced opinion, as much as your kids will eventually be embarrassed by you, they will also love you for it and not be afraid to be themselves. You go girl!

juliette said...

I can't believe you let her watch sesame street! You, queen of the supermoms! I am shocked and dismayed. Just for that I will only leave one comment per post. By the way, what time is it on?(tee hee)

Jaime said...

you are so cute Kara!
you make me giggle