Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kara: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Today I am thankful for in-laws and a husband who stopped me from writing a mean post today. I am feeling very passionate about a certain subject right now, but after editing my post, Chris told me that it was too mean to post. So for all of you out there who may think that I am pure sweet apple pie, this apple pie is feeling sour today. I am also thankful for a husband who believes in me. Chris was scheming with me right now of how I could start my own talk show. It sounds like a funny idea and I may not be able to compete with Ellen or Oprah.. but as for Tyra and Montel, I would kick their booties. I also think it would be fun to start a children's show. Come on, if those dorky guys on the Wiggles can make millions.. why not me? Other random things I am thankful for today: clean drinking water (I don't know why I thought of that the other day), New friends and old (Amanda you are still my homegirl... I miss you), being pushed to do things that aren't "comfortable", having Sofia remind everyone to fold their arms when we pray, Gabe's coos... more tomorrow. What are you all thankful for today? (I promise after thanksgiving these posts will be less cheesy.. well I don't want to promise, because I like to be a woman of my word).


adrienne said...

I want to know about this other post!!! You can't leave us hanging!

juliette said...

c'mon, do the mean post! It can't be that bad, and it will make mean mamas like me feel nice. Or at least tell us the subject, and I can imagine the mean stuff.

Sharon said...

This is Carlos using Sharon's account:

Great weekend! Sorry I was such a couch potato. I promise to be more active in teasing next time.


Margaret said...

Um, I'm thankful for in-laws too, yadda yadda, what about this other post?

Also, I really think you could do a talk show. Can I be your DJ? If you so chose to have one.
Or I can start a silly singing group with you.

You've got my wheels turning Kara, you've got my wheels turning.

The Macdonald family said...

Kara....don't tease us. Come on, out with it!