Sunday, November 4, 2007


Well since Margaret tagged me, I am going to hurry and do this so I don't forget to. I am supposed to list 6 things/habits that people may not know about me. This is actually pretty hard for me, because I am a pretty open person who is known for doing and saying a lot of dorky things... so if these things don't surprise you, this is the best I could do.
1) I was in a pageant in high school. I know that I may not strike most people as the pageanty type, and I'm not. However, in Klamath Falls Oregon many girls take part in the Jr. Miss pageant. Not only was I in this pageant, but I also won Ms. Congeniality, which landed me a lovely $500 scholarship. Mrs. Oregon.. here I come (so just kidding).
2) I can't roll my Rs. This may not seem like such a predicament except for the fact that I speak Spanish, and my last name has two r's which should be rolled. I thought that it was funny enough that my name rhymes, and to not even be able to properly pronounce the dang thing.. oh well.
3) I have a crush on a 45-50 year old local farmer. I first heard about the charming farmer Davis when I worked at Lincoln where all of the Elementary teachers raved in the lunch room about the sweet and charming farmer who takes the kids on field trips on hay rides and even lets the kids ride on the tractor with him. I laughed at the teachers and could not understand what they were talking about.. until I met him. He really is so charming. He is so nice every time I go there, and he on more than one occasion has even given me free vegetables. (Isn't it sad the things that excite us). Don't worry everyone, my husband knows about my crush on Farmer Davis and thinks that it is funny. I am still happily married and plan on staying that way. He has become more of a joke than anything else.
4) I really would like to work for Ellen Degeneres someday. I seriously think that she is the funniest woman ever. I started to make a video to try out to be her DJ, but than I chickened out. The only problem with working for Ellen is that I would have to move to southern California (Do you see how delusional I am.. I have seriously thought this out).
5) I can't stand noses. I am not sure how I discovered this, but pretty much I can't handle if people's noses touch me. I don't mind a nose rub when I smooch my hubby or an Eskimo kiss, but somehow I discovered that if someone's nose is purposefully rubbed on me by someone.. I want to scream! Once people found this out about me of course they purposefully would try to rub their noses on me even more.
6) I am a worry wart at times. People who know me well probably aren't surprised to read this, but people who don't know me as well I think often times perceive me as being really laid back and silly. I am those things often times as well, but I am also a serious worrier and stresser outer (How many words have I made up in this post?)


Margaret said...

That would be so cool if you were Ellens new DJ. You know what would be even better? If she had a dance master or a DM. You could totally do that job. However, I still think you should audition for American Idol.

Your nose thing...I forgot about that and I love it.

adrienne said...

Oh, Kara!! I love ya! I was glad that I even knew a couple of those!! I miss you!