Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ghetto Superstar

So, I am basically a ghetto mom when it comes to this Halloween cutesie business (or any cutesie business at that). Some moms stay up the night before Halloween until the early morning hand sewing their daughter's kitty costume (you know who you are). Let's just say that I have a feeling that dressing my family up will make a good story every year. After some drama after having Sofia's monkey costume break (that she didn't want to wear), we pulled together an easy ladybug costume. Last night, I put Chris in charge of putting Sofia into her costume since I had to go to Tonya's to help set up our little toddler Halloween party. To my surprise, Sofia didn't show up as a ladybug, and in fact, I don't know what she showed up as. Chris said that she refused to be a ladybug, so he tried making her into a pirate.. which didn't exactly work out.. so after her gave her a mustache and unibrow, one of the moms cleverly suggested that we just call her Frida Kahlo. Isn't my little Frida cute? There are many things I may have the potential to be good at.. but a cutesie mom who creates masterpiece costumes.. not me.


adrienne said...

Frida...That's halarious!!! It may not be cutsie, but it's sure creative. I don't MAKE cutsie- I buy it...on sale!!!

Sharon said...

Way cute!!! I love the Frieda Kahlo look :) I never knew Sofia cared so much about what she wore. Why do you think she was so opposed to monkey and ladybug but went along with pirate?

As for cutsie moms, we have lots of Halloween memories of creative costumes. Not polished cutsie types because that takes too much detail work, but some fun ideas that the kids thought up and Carlos helped with every year like . . . the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz, a mermaid, a shoe, and a toilet head!

If Sofia won't dress as a ladybug I don't think she'll ever dress as a toilet head!

Margaret said...

I was laughing out loud. I do think of the story of your sisters dressing you up as Sinead O'Conner with a nylon on your head.
Your family is cute. I appreciate Chris' effort.

Margaret said...

I tagged you. Check out my blog for details.
No pressure.

Heather said...

AAACK - a unibrow! What a cutie.