Saturday, November 10, 2007

The good ol' In-laws

The in-laws are here, and we are having a swell old time. Sofia is in grandparent heaven this week. Naturally, I am thankful for my in-laws today. They are great. They are such good people and so welcoming to me in their family. I could not have married into a better family and p.s. Chris.. they are why I said yes in the first place :) j/k.I did have a dream that I had twins and Sharon decided that she would name them for me without my permission. She named the girl Kara Pearl and the boy Stanley Ashew (like cashew without the c). I obviously remember this dream quite well and I think I even woke up in a sweaty panic and was so relieved when I saw my little Gabriel (not Stanley) sleeping by me. I love you a lot Sharon, let's just make sure that you never decide to name my children funny names, and we will continue to get along great. Chris hates it when I tell him my dreams, because I always have the weirdest dreams, but I can't control what I dream. Any one else out there have any weird dreams lately (pg rated or under comments only please :).

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Cami said...

It seems like when every I'm not getting adequate sleep, which is always, I have bizarre dreams. Can't thing of any right now. I also am blessed with great in-laws.