Monday, November 12, 2007

The second best investment ever: The Dryer

So yes, this is my third post of the day. You may be thinking,"Does this woman have a life?" and the answer... "Not so much." The reason I decided to post again is because after hours of either crying or just being awake, Gabe is finally asleep. Why am I not asleep you may wonder? Because he is asleep swaddled in his carseat which is on top of the dryer. I guess I have to add today that I am thankful for the sound the dryer makes, because it is the only thing that has soothed him. I am sitting here debating if I dare move him and risk waking him up. It's funny, because I just got done reading Adrienne and Tonya's blogs who also seemed to be having mama troubles. What's going on in the universe today? Feeding off of the other blogs, my question is, how do you do this parenting thing without feeling like you have no idea of what you are doing 75% of the time? I just think back to my time as a caseworker for small children who were so resilient despite having crappy parents (like the abusive kind). These kids were somehow surviving and some thriving despite very messed up parents.. so I think that my kids should hopefully be just fine even though I am far from a perfect parent. Well, my little Gaby Baby is squirming on top of the dryer, so I am off to find my next solution. Sounds like we all need a day at the spa :). (Clue for any husband reading this).


EmmaJ said...

Have you tried one of those slumber sound bears?

Ours was one of those must haves.

The Macdonald family said...

Oh I so feel your pain! I'm sorry!!

Amanda said...

Good thing Gabe is one cute baby since he's giving you some trouble. I hope we can see each other soon! 5 year anniversary is on friday. And I'm the worst wife ever! nothing is planned. I'm contemplating going away for a night, but the though of leaving Chancey makes me sad. I'm a paranoid mom, huh? What's your take on being apart from the kids?