Sunday, November 25, 2007

I am Thankful... really

I know that I kind of ended up slacking on my daily thankful blog, but I really am so thankful for so many things. We went down to Medford to see my parents for Thanksgiving and had a lovely time. Scott and Jaime came up with the kiddos and Kris and Dan came down from Eugene. Oh how Sofia loves her cousins. I swear that she was traumatized (from a two year old perspective at least) when everyone left. The whole way home she kept on substituting Connor's name into all of her songs. "Abcd Connor Connor Connor efg, or "Twinkle Twinkle Connor Connor how I wonder what you are." Cousins are so important. I didn't get to grow up around that many cousins, so I really hope that our kiddos can know their cousins well.
Something else that I thought was fun on the trip was something my sweet hubby did. On the way home we were having a little bit of car troubles, and Chris was push starting our car in a parking lot. Since he was pushing the car up a slope, you can imagine how the strain on his face could scare Sofia. Once he saw that she was scared, he automatically turned a could be stressful situation into a game flexing his muscles and telling Sofia how strong he was.. which she thought was pretty funny. Thanks for making a stressful situation fun Chris. You might get eye rolling instead of laughing if you try this when Sofia is 13, but it did the trick this time :).
I also have to include my cute Gabe smiling. He is starting to smile a lot more. What a sweetie pie.


Jaime said...

Hahahaha! Hey Sofia, if it makes you feel any better Connor walks around or house and peeks into every room and says... "Boo Sofia, where are you Fia?" We sure do miss you!

Cami said...

Hey what's up with you car? Is it your van?

Mark said...

hey Chris, I bet that game would work in all kinds of situation, like if your on the pot....or holding in a fart.....even passing a kidney stone. what a fun game. thanks for the idea.

The Macdonald family said...

Kara your baby is getting so big! I hear you guys are coming here in a few weeks. Lets all get together for a big game night eh?? Jaime tells me your baby sounds just like my baby. I'll let you borrow my exercise ball if you want :) It works wonders!